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Yea, cause it's okay to cut the beaks off of chickens so they don't peck at each other and then stack them in metal cages so they shit on top of each other packed in so tightly that they sometimes can't stand up. That is okay, because people don't write about those conditions. And what is one of the first foods vegetarians consider eating when they give it up? Chicken.
Currently Free range is prety much a crock of poo poo because there really arent't enough regulations dictating what, free range is.
They shock a chicken's ass daily to get your eggs...don't hear the lawmakers complaining about that do they?

Lobsters are cannibals. They EAT THEIR OWN.

Veal...that's okay isn't it. Not exactly P.C., but certainly not banned.

The cuter up the food chain you go, the more rules and regulations that exist .

I understand how foie gras is made, therefore I make an informed choice when I choose to have it. Perhaps people should make a more informed choice when they buy their chopped liver.
Don't get me going.


Too late. I think I just did.

Oh, and, thanks for ruining eggs for me. : )


What's the old saw about sausage and laws?

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