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Clearly, the driver of the Maybach was a wanna-be, maybe a dealer employee or a contest winner or something.

A true upper-crust Maybach owner would be driven by a driver, who would take care of the meter, and maybe even the doggy doo.


I agree about the average owner being driven, rather than driving his own Maybach. Hard to say for sure, without having seen him.

Josh Wardell

Funny I just watched a Top Gear episode where they argue about the Maybach vs. the Rolls Royce. The argument was that the back seat is the best there is, and nothing else matters, including its exterior appearance.
If I were ever that rich, you would never find me caring about the back seat, that's for sure.


I think the point of the story has been missed.

How could any driver of such a car, be it owner or hired hand, be so obtuse as to park it in front of The Sevens!?!? Asking for humilation.

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