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CP, are you really serious? Tomato juice can cut through the enamel of a car paint job?

My mother used write a message on the offending car's windshield with LIPSTICK.



Please see:



Once upon a time (1988) I had a solid piece of iron (1979 Delta88). I was getting ready to leave a crowded event at a local race track (MidOhio). As I approached my car I saw that there was a new car (Buick Somerset) that completely blocking my route of egress. I pushed it, and in doing so did a significant amount of body damage. Today I ambivalent on the event.

Stelle Courney

I never heard about this before and I never knew that tomatoes is acidic enough to ruin a car's paint job. Thanks for posting this! Car repaints are quite expensive, so people must be informed about this. I still see people doing this unlawful act to other people's cars.

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