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I'm curious as to why you are calling for the resignation of the governor of LA and the mayor of NO.


Gross incompetence. They had the duty to protect their citizens, and failed. From failure to reinforce the levees in the months and years prior to the storm, to failure to supply the storm shelters and secure evacuation methods. They were closest to the ground, closest to the people, and should have had a better handle on things.


Disagree on Chertoff and Bush. Bush called Blanco before the Hurrican hit and asked her to order an evacuation. She relayed it to Nagin, who diddled around until there was only 24 hours left, and then didn't follow his own evacuation plan.

Yes, the Feds were not as organized as we would like. But they would not have had to rescue nearly so many people if the city of New Orleans had ordered a mandatory evacuation 72 hours in advance and then followed their own disaster plan, as posted on their own web site.

The locals are the first line of defense. They failed.


Chertoff was either lying about or ignorant of the squallor at the Superdome until Thursday PM. Either way, a total failure and a display of incompetence.

Bush went on national TV and said no one expected the levees to fail. Everyone expected them to fail. Bush decimated FEMA and appointed a useless hack to run it. A total failure, and a display of gross incompetence.

People need to fall on swords here, or be thrown on them. In addition to this being a human tragedy of even greater proportions than 9/11, this is a national disgrace. We are rightfully the laughingstock of the world. It's the government's fault, from city hall to the White House. Clean it out and start over.


Bush had to decimate FEMA--Congress was howling for a Dept. of Homeland Defense. Not that I agree with it, more layers of bureacracy never help.

The squalor at the superdome was not FEMAs problem--the city of New Orleans was supposed to preposotion food and other supplies at the evaucation staging areas (such as the Superdome). They didn't do squat. Then the police came, but didn't patrol inside, only outside, allowing rapes, beatings, and other acts to occur.


I agree there was massive local failure. But there was also massive federal failure. I want figurative blood. The U.S. has never looked worse.


Come to think of it, maybe Bush should resign. That would make Cheney president (Cool!)

Or, Bush and Cheney could resign, Ted Stevens could resign, giving us President Condoleeza Rice... (even cooler!)


You're always thinking, AP, always thinking....

I'm approaching this apolitically. I don't care about the policies or politics of the officials involved. I care that they failed and a lot of people died.

Chris Clarke

Hey, stop that. You and I aren't supposed to agree on this kind of stuff.


Unless of course we're right.


The Head of FEMA, the Govenor of Louisian and of course the Mayor of New Orleans should all face the consequences of their absolute failure.

The head of Homeland Security should be publicly chastised, but Bush isn't to blame. He had to call the Govenor before the hurricane to get here moving.

The biggest failure was the City of New Orleans. As the photo posted on TheAutoProphet's site showing all those busses proves. They failed to follow their own guidelines and after the hurricane any New Orleans or Louisiana state police officers that left should loose their pensions and face charges.

Instead they'll probably sue and win disability pensions.

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