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Dan Zarrella

that's a good story, maybe i should post on it...


"camoflauged jackasses"

Gee, no blatant, baseless stereotyping there.


Right, none.

If you go hunting in the suburbs, you're a jackass. Many hunters wear camoflauge. That makes them "camoflauged jackasses."

PLease note that I did not say all hunters are jackasses. Or that all people who wear camoflauge are jackasses. Or even that all camoflauge-wearing hunters are jackasses. I was referring to the suburban hunters, as described in the article. They are camoflauged jackasses.

Would you have preferred "day-glo morons"? Or "duck-booted twits"?
How about "brainless birdkillers"?

"Under state law, hunting can occur on public or private property as long as the property has no signs restricting it. Hunters are prohibited from shooting within 500 feet of a residence or 150 feet of paved roads. All hunters must have a certificate saying they passed an education course before they can obtain a license, and they can only hunt specific animals during times posted on the website for the state's Division of Fisheries and Wildlife."

In addition to these state regulations, many municipalities limit hunters to the use of shotguns only, which have a lesser effective range compared to common hunting rifles.

Also, what percentage of hunters NEVER discharge their firearms in the direction of nearby homes and raodways? You don't read about them much in thr papers, do you? Only the rare cases of irresponsible jackasses (yes, I acknowledge they DO exist) acting in an unlawful or reckless manner make the evening news.

You might as well label all gun owners as trigger happy gangbangers.

I stand by my original assessment of that post.


The law allows people to do all sorts of things that are incredibly stupid. (Which is fortunate.) Hunting in or near residential subdivisions is stupid, whether or not it's 500 feet from an occupied dwelling.

All gun owners as trigger happy gangbangers? That seems out of place.

I'm a gun owner. I'm neither of those things. But I also don't hunt in camoflauge near subdivisions, so I'm not a camoflauged jackass either.

Bruce, you're certainly entitled to your opinion and I appreciate your posting it. We just disagree.

Josh Wardell

So when do we invite Cheney up for some excellent suburban hunting?



hunter 06

i think u r all jackasses if ur bowhunting 500 ft away from any occupied dwelling that its fine an arrow loses it power over 500 ft so in that case it wouldnt travel more than 400 and do any damage

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