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Oh, man, memories of home: Yeah, I always knew I was home when I'd get to the Belt. Of course, the fastest you're legally supposed to go on any NYC highway is 50 m.p.h. (well, except maybe on Staten Island, which was always a foreign country to me; plus, it was the only part of NYC where you could legally make a right turn on red).

Michael Karesh

My first thought upon sitting inside a base 300 at the Detroit show back in 2004 was "this will make an excellent taxi cab." My second: "a great cop car, too." It's not only the power. Plenty of room in the back seat for fares/perps as well.

Time to stick a fork in the Crown Vic.

A nice by-product would be a base car with police package powertrain and suspension. Wonder if this will happen.


Stick a fork in the cvpi?

Dear Lord, no. It's my absolute favorite work car.

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