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Even if I entrap a pervert, none of that evidence could be admitted in court, could it? Are they worried that I'd start harassing the guy -- or worse?

Or maybe they just don't want *more* wackos on Myspace pretending to be fourteen-year-old girls. :)


Yes, your evidence could be used in court.

Short of due process violations, anything deemed reliable coudl be admitted. No exclusionary rule would apply, because the purpose of the rule is to deter unlawful government conduct.

As for the pretend 14 year-olds, I just don't understand why the authorities are able to keep catching these perverts. I guess it just seems like all the 14 year-olds are cops.


Of course interrogations done by amateurs in a text only forum devoted to fantasy and misrepresentation of the specifics of who one really is seems like it would be easily countered by even the lamest of public defenders.

If the civilians have discussions with the police in advance of their activities could one make the argument that they're acting as an agent of the state?


Yes, if the civilians coordinate their activities with the cops, one could easily argue that they are working for the state. This is why the cops can't send a second-story man into your house to steal the evidence for them.

Well, that and the burglary laws.


Isn't it ironic that parents dress their 12 yr old daughters in g-strings hanging out of their pants and then complain that they become sexual objects? How many girls have you seen in malls dressed like a hooker?

We have to look at the sexualization of our children in our society as a social problem as much as pedophilia.

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