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Shelby Series I!


You got it!
If I had tee shirts, I'd send you one. Not a bad idea, actually.
All I need is a logo....


I got the '61 Starfire you did in January, too! I'd wear the T-shirt!

Brian Vermette

Where did you see a 1999 Shelby Series 1 around here? I have lived in Massachusetts all my live and thats a rare car to see. Shelby only made 249 of these, although I have read that someone might be building these again...great looking car and its a Shelby.


It was on Route 93 South in Wilmington, MA at about 5PM on Monday, June 26, 2006.


I recently saw a report that Shelby would be building a $220,000 Shelby Series 2 carbon fiber car. The series 1 was a limited production car because they had real problems selling them. I seem to remember that they cost somewhere in the $130,000 to $150,000 range at a time that you could find a 289 Cobra for $175,000. Sure the difference could buy a pretty nice car(s) but at those prices I doubt that the extra dough is such a big deal. Obviously as an investment the 289 has beaten the Series 1. When they were selling the Series 1 Shelby marketed it hard at vintage races like the BRIC at Road America. For a few years they had a fairly large display at the edge of the concours area in the nearby town of Elkhart Lake, Wi. With all of the car people in town they got a lot of attention and they probably sold a few cars to the really rich guys but most racers would rather spend their money on their race cars, their transport system, their travel expenses, some jewelry to bribe the wife... As to the design, it is very Viper-like and the Viper was at least $50,000 less. Those factors made it a very tough sell for Shelby inspite of the cool look and the Shelby name.


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