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Brian Vermette

Your math is off, you forget the extra fees, here is the report that I found on Cars!Cars!Cars! and published on my site with thoughts:

The Detroit News reports: Chrysler's 30-day, money back guarantee: What's the catch.

Check out this arithmetic: Let's start with a restocking fee of 5 percent of the stickerprice (ouch!), add in the 50-cents per mile usage fee (yikes!), all the sales tax (what!?) plus finance fees, title, tag and registration (grrr!). Total it up on a premium ride like a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, and returning a car you just purchased for about $34,000 could easily cost about 14 percent of the total purchase price -- more than $4,600.

From me: For a 2007 Dodge Caliber at $17,000, totals $2,300 you loss...It costs less to rent a car for a month ($1,000/month), if you return a chrysler, you will pay through the teeth.

Should the customer have to pay fees to return a vehicle, if so how much?

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