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Thanks, it was QUITE a show.

The whole situation is bizarre. The law is so skewed (or seems to be) that a teacher could just about have a bowel movement on their desk, claim it was part of the lesson, and there would be nothing any administrative figure could do.

chloe Jones

Jews are in a tough position. Jews should protect themselves.

Chloe Jones

solomon robert johnson

i do not understand why so many gather against israel. not just by their person but by voice and of the idea and the power of belief based upon such. it may easy to build ideas in the mind and inhibit them by belief, for in the truth is there not always more? why one should seek to create unmitigated hate in the mind is beyond me. how can this be? why do those who listen sway so easily without question. what proofs does this man who speaks against the jews offer? why does anyone hate the jews?


Please excuse the intrusion, but to the last person to post, are you Solomon from Fort Bragg?

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If only the 350 cities and towns could find the same political will. We can break the back of the police unions here, if people don't chicken out.

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