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What really annoys me about that scene is that the Aston somehow goes up on 2 wheels apparently because Bond is turning too sharply. First It's a wet road so everywhere else, except in movieland, the car is going to spin, ( or rocket off onto the grass) not go up on two wheels. but more importanly, there is all kinds of room on either side of the road for a REAL James Bond to simply drive around the girl in the middle of the road. I would hope a large part of the the audience for this blog could avoid that accident without being James Bond or driving an Aston Martin.

Dave T.

yes, it has a defibrillator (sp?) but no stability or traction control I guess. And I don't think any car as heavy as an Aston could flip quite like that.

iced man

That is real action in the scene.I think those shocks won't affect the windowmotor
of that Aston.Truly Bond is a reckless driver.

Malnurtured Snay

Loved the film - I love this more realistic take on Bond, as opposed to the cartoon antics of previous Bonds. You should return the DVD -- say the disc won't play, they'll let you replace it with a widescreen edition (I've done this a few times when I've accidently grabbed a pan & scan copy).


This is one of the famous brand BMW. Casino Royal and all of them James Bond movies is publicity the brand of BMW. James Bond series is a great. I have seen many Films in this series. Thanks.

Chad Parmenter

I think Casino Royale is the best James Bond movie ever. Daniel Craig is the perfect James Bond, cold and calculating, since the original James Bond from the books is an assassin. It's great to see a film going back to 007's roots. Of course, a James Bond film wouldn't be complete without his trademark cars. The Aston Martin DBS is very nice, it reminds me of the original DB5 from Sean Connery's James Bond film. Although Daniel Craig's DBS lacked the gadgets, it's still one heck of a fast runner.

John Prue

James Bond always gets to use the coolest and most exotic cars in the whole world. That's how cool he is! He also gets some of the most beautiful women in the world. Indeed, cars + girls = awesome movie!

Ivo Beutler

I envy this guy a lot. He gets the cars and the girls. Heeh, I'm sure a lot are looking forward for more action-packed movies from him. I can't wait to see the next Bond girl. Haha! That's just how lucky Mr. Bond is!

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