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thats nothing, back when I still lived with my parents I saw a tree growing out of the front hood of a Volvo, oh wait, no, the volvo drove into the tree so far the tree *looked* like it was growing out of the hood...


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What a wreck, dude! When you're careless on the things that you do everyday, accidents can really happen. I remember a friend of mine who recently had a major car accident. Lawyer (Oakland area), was the first one that he consulted because he needs to have justice on what had happened to him. Then the auto accident attorneys here and in Bay Area find ways on how he could get an insurance after that tragic accident.

Jacob Rodman

That has got to hurt. It makes you think that the driver was either in a hurry or, as you've said, avoiding someone. Man, and that was a cool lookin' car, too.

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