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until two years ago, my family only had mercedes...unfortunately, when my mom's venerable 1986 300 SDL finally passed on to that great autobahn in the sky, none of us was willing to leave her in a dodgy car...so we went with honda. i wanted to weep.

while MB slips to unthinkable lows in current quality, our 1977 280 SE and our 1985 380 SE are still performing like champions. so sad that the company that once innovated concepts we all take for granted lost something along the way, during the last two decades.

i always thought that when i bought my first car, it would have a silver star to guide me through the night...the only way that will be the case now is if i can find something from the late 80s, in cherry condition. sigh.

You're all idiots.
Mercedes-Benz are the best vehicle on the road today. Whether new or old, Nothing else comes close. If you want a great all around car, you get any mercedes. So you say the Mercedes isn't good in the snow, then buy a 4-Matic. They are incredible in the snow. Then you say, that Mercedes isn't fast enough. I don't know why you'd say that about any of them, but if you need faster... there are the AMG and V12 variants. And if you want a quiet ride, you can pick any of those. Lexus does just not hold up to the Luxury and Quiet Smooth ride of a Mercedes-Benz and the only reason they got where they are today is from copying Mercedes for a whole decade until they could finally start coming out with something original. Everyone wants to be like the best, thats why everyone copies the best. And the only thing a cadillac is good for is if you want to throw some D's on that B*t*h.
Even if you want to compare the Bently GT... sorry folks, the new S600 W221 chassis is better and faster.
I wont deny Mercedes has had quality issues when they came out with the W211 chassis E class. But they hvae since corrected the electrical problems and flaws in that car and after the first two model years were past...the problems aren't there anymore.
If you have a problem driving a prestigious status symbol like the Mercedes-Benz... maybe you just aren't man enough to own one. Go get a Kia or a Toyota corolla.


What good is all that if the car keeps breaking. I for one will not buy another if the company maintains the status quo, even though I currently have two on my driveway. It truly is a shame.


Bought an A class, possibly my mistake in the first place. Has now done less than 25.000 miles, full service history. Clutch failed catastrophically.
Mercedes are not interested, as it is outside warranty period. No goodwill, no nothing. I bought Mercedes under the obviously misguided idea that it is a quality product. DON'T BUY MERCEDES! Once they have your money they couldn't care less.

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Own a 220 CDI Deisel. Load of rubbish compared to the Proton I drove before I bought this rip off car. The non retractable seatbelts (problem 1) and getting wet when you open the boot(problem 2) are "characteristics" according to Mercedes customer service. Problem 3: Continual misting of windows. Advice: Keep the air conditioning on "automatic" at all times. Problem 4: Sqeaking and noise when getting in and out of car. Advice: Leave car in "park" and don't use the handbrake. Also found out today that Mercedes sevice department only take the wheels off to check the brakes if you report a problem. It is apparently not compulsory to do so when having your car serviced, even though you're getting charged a fortune!!!
Not a quality product nor a quality service. I confirm, DON'T BUY A MERCEDES.
Oh, I nearly forgot. I was also told by customer service that if I had bought an E Class or S Class I wouldn't have had any problems. I don't remember the salesman telling me this whilst taking my money. IDIOTS!

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If only the 350 cities and towns could find the same political will. We can break the back of the police unions here, if people don't chicken out.

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