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I am working on an application and need to understand how car rental companies move their cars from one location to another when there are too many cars left by customers at one location. One way is to give dirt cheap one way rental offers to customers originating some specific location. However, I am trying to understand do they use auto transport companies to do this for them? If yes how much business auto transporters get one average from such scenarios?

Also, do car rental companies have some sort of contracts with auto transporters saying they will move rental cars always or on demand basis?

Thanks for your time!

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If only the 350 cities and towns could find the same political will. We can break the back of the police unions here, if people don't chicken out.

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Using the internet for buying or renting new or used cars or truck is very wise. We shouldn't ever trust those slick salesmen out there, and settle on the wide and great information we have on the web.

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I think there are many points that are in discussion about such issues and there will always be that regardless of whether they are unable to adapt to the different changes over time are needed .. surges especially in sports

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I'm looking forward to buying my own car. I don't care if it's new or used, as long as I'll be able to drive myself to the office. There are a lot of auto dealerships in Indianapolis. The cars there are really amazing. You wouldn't know which one's new or which one is used. I hope those car dealers in Indianapolis have my dream car up for grabs!

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It's been my view, i always compare almost anything eveytime i want to buy some parts.

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