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This is not really an argument against seatbelts, more of an observation. Buses are VERY heavy. Unless a bus collides with another huge object (garbage truck, bus, or house) it will tend to decelerate slowly. I would guess that injury rates in bus crashes are therefore very low, for that reason alone. Also, because the are so huge, and are driven carefully, school buses are very rarely in accidents.

But,I do agree with you, as a matter of principle. Kids should be buckled in.

My point

Forget cost/benefit analysis and put this issue where it really belongs. If it's debatable whether seat belts will help, then I suggest that we require the manufacturers to have it as an OPTION. Let the school boards argue whether it's worth it to belt their kids.

Tom Salow   Busdriver

I would fully agree to having seatbelts on school buses if there was a way to guarantee that every passenger would wear theirs all the time properly. I mean, how many people wear them all the time, proprly in their own vehicles? Think about it, the driver trying to drive safely AND make sure all the students(1 to 86 students)have their belts on?

another driver

There is a cost benefit model that would make sense. The money spent to add seat belts and maintain them for all of the buses in the country, could be better used on crash prevention, rather than crash protection, which is what seat belts are. If we used that block of money to help prevent the 40,000 teen fatalities caused by teen drivers every year, instead of the 5 fatalities and 9000 injuries from bus accidents each year (probably half caused by teen drivers) THEN we would be doing our society a great service. Instead of making an already difficult job harder. You drive a school bus sometime and then tell me that seat belts will make it safer.


seatbelts are gay ala all day

and then

everyone just shut the duck up. On 1 side we have safety for all students which will come with a nation debt to get the seatbelts in all of the buses and on the other side we have medical bills to pay for crash victims. You choose


It's probably more of a cost and liability issue. If you have seat belts and they are not used then who is liable. Is it the child who took it off or the bus company? Its probably the bus company. The bus driver might also be ticketed. If they have seat belts they will have to be used. This would increase the time it takes to pick up the children increasing cost to pay drivers. If the only person on the bus is the driver then who can check. Should the driver leave their seat and the controls of the bus or are you going to have to pay for another person? Once again its cost and liability.

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If only the 350 cities and towns could find the same political will. We can break the back of the police unions here, if people don't chicken out.

Bus Accidents

seatbelts are a gud steps taken to decrease the ratio of injuries in the bus accidents...

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Interesting argument. I think it would be best that seat belts are installed. Unless there is a research that says it would be safer not to install the belts.

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seatbelts are a gud steps taken to decrease the ratio of injuries in the bus accidents...

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