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DM Fox

Sorry to hear about the MB woes but I too have experienced similar issues. Back in the 1980s I owned a 1984 and a 1986 190e and had a miserable time with both. Even had problems with the 300ES.


You know what the sad part is? Those prices seem about what I'd expect for work done at my VW dealer. I must have spent at least half the original cost of the car on maintenance since I bought my Golf in 99, not counting work done repairs done for accidents. Like you said, never again.

The Friendly Grizzly

I guess I am doing something wrong. My crappy rotten no-good shabby (sniff) Chevrolet (horrors!) just refuses to break. One $42.00 repair in 87K miles. Tell me what I'm missing.

I've owned a lot of cars and pickups over the years. Some were worse than others, but in general, my American cars have been the most twist-the-key-it-goes reliable of the lot.



You may be missing nothing, except a good driving experience. I'd say you made a great choice with your Chevy. A choice I'm coming to understand more and more. There's just a few problems for me.

One, I'm a snob. I like expensive cars. Two, I like cars that perform well on the road - acceleration, handling, braking, general road feel. Three, I like cars with attractive styling and solid finish materials, absent on almost any American car I can think of. So Chevy isn't going to work for me, even as I bitch about the MB.

I hope your Chevy lasts as long as you want it to and I wish you many more good starts.




Nothing wrong with American cars. Except when the wheel falls off for some unknown reason in the middle of the busy highway. Which what happened to me. Funny story, but somehow we weren't too amuzed,
in fact that very day I made a pact with people upstairs that should we walk from this alive that would be the last Ford I would ever own in my life.



Everyone has one of those stories. Even Toyota's not immune. Their new large car, the Avalon, was recalled because the welds weren't designed properly for the steering column, and there were instances of the whole thing coming off~!

If your wheel came off due to a manufacturing defect, then it's correct to be wary of that model. However, if it were due to the last person who put on the wheel not properly fastening the lugnuts, then it's not Ford's fault.

Anyway, on topic, a friend of mine worked at MB, and told me of owners coming in having to roll down the window and open the door from outside, or having major functions in their car not work. Tsk, tsk. So much cache, must be quite a letdown.


Dave, yes it is a letdown, that started when the selling dealer lied to us about the car (long story for another day). But when it works, it's a pleasure. And I can honestly say there have been no mechanical incidents. It is mechanically very solid.

Too bad about the electrics, and the $119 an hour labor rate at the dealer.


Grizzly could you send me an email why your ford wheels fell of Regards Ed send to [email protected], ps if you guys are interested check out the bad weld section of www.weldreality.com

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Mercedes cars look hot though and I think spending on a good car for repairs is worth it! By the way, I think I saw a similar car in one of those nearby car dealerships. (Indianapolis-area). I wonder how much an average person spends nowadays on car repair. Indianapolis has a lot of good car technicians so even if my car's warranty expired three months ago, I'm quite at ease.

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