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Mke Berry

Pring-Wilson got off with a slap on the wrist.

He got half drunk and started out with a man-killing knife in his pocket, a knike he had been aggressively flashing earlier in the evening, to find some trouble in the "bad" neighborhood he planned to walk through.

Some young kids called him a drunk as he made his way through the "slum." He could have continued to go on his way, but Pring-Wilson turned and went back to the car the kids were sitting in, pulling open the car door to find the trouble he was after.

One of the kids got out and Pring-Wilson began to beat him up, at which point the other kid came to his friend's defense.

That was when P-W decided he couid justify using he man-killing weapon he had been wanting to use.

Pring-Wilson murdered that kid and he got off with little more than a heavy scolding.

He should have been locked up for the rest of his life.

The so-called record of violence the jury was not permitted to see involved a couple of minor fist fights on the part of the murdered kid.

If every young teen kid who got into a fist fight was considered to be fair game for a mureder's knife, virtually every male in our society would be in mortal danger.



The fact that you would even try and say Alex is a murderer is beyond me. Do you have no brain in that head of yours what so ever. If you honestly think that because Alex was drunk and was walking home and doing the sensable thing by walking home is a bad thing instead of getting in a car like these three idiots than you're just as bad as michael and the other two. To even defend a man who would try and fight a police officer and threaten one
what does that say about you and the kind of person you are. Alex went out with friends to celebrate one of his bestfriends getting into university for law and happened to have a few drinks that compromised the way he walked and only the way he walked. He was smart enough to walk home and not get in a car and drive drunk and kill someone. The fact of someone having
no respect but to yell out drunk ass at another person is beyond me. Alex walked up to the car to see if they needed help and if a person cant comprehend actually trying to help another person is quite sad.I dont know about you but if someone hailed at me and i couldnt understand what they were saying but to maybe think they needed some help and go to help them and get beat up for it is pathedic
and if im gonna go to jail for defending myself from two thugs beating me up than theres no such thing as self defence and if you can honestly sit there and say that you wouldnt do the same thing Alex did when he got jumped if that was the only thing he could do to save his life than you can talk but i guarantee you you would have done the same thing. I know if I had a history of concussions and was told by my doctor
that I should refrain from any impact on my head that could be negative or dangerous and I was being pounded in the head by two criminals (which he didnt know at the time) but were noticably big especially Sammy than I'd be doing everything in my power to save my own life regardless. I certainly wouldnt try to spare a life thats beating the crap out of me.
GOOD LUCK ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley either didn't read, or can't read, or is simply insane.
lest there be any confusion: I am on Pring-Wilson's side. In my opinion, he should not have been charged, let alone convicted.

Jamie Malam

where i'm from if you stab someone to death you go to prison for a long time and this prick should be no different. If he gets off it is another inditement of how you can buy your way out of a prison sentence. why was he carrying a knife in the first place if he had no intention of using it? Carpundit, the fact you're arguing the same point as this Ashley moron suggests that maybe you need to re-assess your position.



Context matters. If you walk up to someone on the street and stab him to death for no reason, that's a crime. If two guys jump you and start beating you down and you stab one of them to save yourself, that's not a crime; it's self-defense.

FWIW, I carry a knife I have no intention of stabbing anyone with.


Jamie Malam

if you were jumped by two guys who were giving you a beating you'd have injuries to back that up...

does a 'coin shaped welt' on his forehead constitute this?

sounds to me like the guy got in one punch before he was stabbed in the chest multiple times..

The only reason you want to believe otherwise is because the guy was an ex crack dealer with a reputation

Don't you find it strange that when a harvard student and an ex crack dealer have a fight its the harvard student who pulls the knife?

Who's the thug here?

..and more fool you for carrying the knife. The problem with carrying any type of weapon is that after one too many whiskey's your judgement is impaired and you become aggressive. Alcohol has this affect on anyone whether you're rich and educated or not.

Even then, it still takes a certain type of person to plunge said knife into a man's chest multiple times and leave him for dead.


Why don't all of you read over your writing before publishing it. There are people calling people stupid; those same people are writing about "bestfriends," as if that's even a word.

I'm not sure how any of you can say definitively whether Pring-Wilson is in the right, or in the wrong. None of you were there, were you?

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"Context matters. If you walk up to someone on the street and stab him to death for no reason, that's a crime. If two guys jump you and start beating you down and you stab one of them to save yourself, that's not a crime; it's self-defense." - I agree on this. I think in these time of hostilities, bringing some tools to use for self-defense is necessary and we should also become vigilant to save ourselves from these bad people.

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