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Josh Wardell

Wow that's confusing...is that storage for four spare tires? I guess that's good for track day. Hah.


Man, and here I was thinking I was cool having gotten really swanky brushed chrome 6-spoke wheels...but I only have 4 snazzy wheels on my car, and apparently that's no longer cool enough...damn.


If I'm not mistaken, that tremendous transportation belongs to the legendary Little Joe Cook, frequent performer at Cambridge's Cantab Lounge. His one top ten hit was called Peanuts, hence the vanity plate. I highly recommend taking in his act, even if you aren't a fan of his vehicular stylings.


I seriously just can't figure out why it needs so many tires (aka storage for extra tires, I assume). I would have waited for the guy to come back to ask.


I would be surprised if even one of those tire well/continental kit/sidemount locations contained a spare. Maybe the conti kit on the bumper, but that's it. I imagine the rest is just pimpery.


this is great-- am I mistaken or is there space for FOUR spares? He could drive through one of those spike strips like at a car rental, pull over farther down the road, and just change them all.

Little Joe Cook is the MAN!! (Yeah-- he doesn't play at the Cantab anymore-- bad health, and a falling out with the management-- too bad, he was/is legendary around here, like Preacher Jack.)

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