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Alas, we'll have to wait until 2007 for the next season.

I was hoping Octavian would have a more...immediate...reaction to Servilia's threats. I also thought they did an excellent job of changing Servilia from a sympathetic character to what she became, though as you say, her indirectly killing Niobe/Indira (and yes, I agree, she IS) gave the transition more impact.

I expect Indira will land on her feet (pardon the pun), the exposure she gained with the series will put her on the A-list. Ray Stevenson (Pullo) should be getting a lot more high-profile work too, he steals every scene that Indira isn't in. ;)

Although the history is made fluid to tell a better story (for example, Octavian wasn't even in Rome when Caesar was killed) and sometimes they just goof (they never made mention of Caesar adopting Octavian...important detail for establishing his rule later on, not sure how they'll handle it next season), I have to say it's my favorite HBO series to date, and that's high praise because I thought Deadwood would be hard to dethrone as my favorite, and I just plain don't watch that much television.

Talking to friends who watch the show, a complaint that comes up often is the time compression used in the series. Me, I liked it, it allowed them to cover a larger span of history in a very short season, but to those used to watching week-by-week snapshots on most episodic shows, jumps of a year or more seems to be a problem.

And watch for another Lucius/Titus fallout..my guess is that Lucius honors his previous oath to Antony, while Pullo falls into Octavian's orbit.

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