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Dave. T

As a lot of people know I was never a big fan of GM when I was over at Autoblog. However, over the past couple of years and driving almost every one of their new cars, especially the H3, C6 and Z06, the General can make exceptional vehicles that do compete. They do need major help with design for Chevy and the sedans (Impala, malibu) and SUVs though.

BUT their new trucks plus the unveiling of the Camaro concept might change the mass public's minds about GM. The Camaro could easily turn Chevy around like the mustang did for Ford and the 300 did for Chyrsler. They have to hurry with it for a 2008-2009 model IMO but dirt cheap prices on their stock might be worth looking into if this is a design turnaround for the company. plus the GXP solstice, 260 hp! for $25+K?!
And the company will never be allowed to fold.

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