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Clicking your 'here' link brings me to a technorati rpc ping page not the intended photo.

intake runner

Blech. What has been with Audi lately? I think the TT was a case of the original design being so spot-on that it's hard to update. So I'll give 'em that. But c'mon. It's looks like an anonymous little Citroen or something. Or a euro ford focus. Just the fact that boring-ass designs are coming to mind as I look at it speaks volumes, to me, at least. And that giant mouth--it's Audi's "let's be avant-garde, no matter how ugly it looks" version of BMW's Bangle Butt.

I predict disastrous sales numbers on this one.

Joel A

Actually looks more like a Japanese and Audi merger.

Huh. Didn't auto reviewers state the Volkswagen Jetta looked more Japanese when it first came out? And VW owns Audi, right?

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