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john daley


But it's probably true that more cops have been killed by donuts than bullets.


Ever had a Krispy Kreme? Beats the socks offa Dunkin' D....


Yes, I've had the KK donuts and I agree they are better donuts.
But the coffee at KK is -in my opinion- undrinkable.
Their hasty retreat from the Boston market tells you that DD owns this town.


I think I commented on this blog before that DD's are truly a regional phenomena, you can draw a line where good coffee ends around Baltimore, below that they are not good. I dont know why, I can't explain it. The investors that bought it are putting a lipstick on a pig, they will be taking the co public and as such they need to improve the earnings. From the presentations the interesting thing is considering losing the name Donuts, i.e. it becomes just Dunkin', going upscale ala crapbucks, etc.

I am eying my local HoneDew, I think I will be switching soon.


Yes, DD coffee is excellent!

I'm partial to KK because they originated here in Atlanta back in the '50s...didn't franchise until the '90s, I believe. But their coffee is nothing to brag about.


I like DD's coffee. I think that's why DD is success & KK is failing. At $2 for a medium cup, it's gotta make more money than donuts.

Anyone else hate Starbucks coffee as much as I do?

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