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Josh Wardell

An SUV driver hit a parked car.
Of course we'll never know the details. Was he on the phone? Was his vehicle unable to make corrective actions in time?
Of course, he will get away with it beacuase he is a cop.
It's hard to pass any judgement though because there is almost no information in that article. I just worry the investigation intentionally won't turn up much more.


Will he 'get away' with it? Probably not in civil court. There are motherless children involved and his insurance company will probably be nicked. Not much consolation for either children or husband. What sort of traffic was there ar 2:20AM that he couldn't see and avoid a stalled car? What part did fatigue play in his failure to maintain control?


A parked car? No. It was a stalled car in the travel lane. There's a big difference. If the disabled car were off the roadway, I think the SUV driver would be more culpable. Apparently, it was stopped in the travel lane.

Will get away with it because he's a cop? I don't think that's fair. Absent evidence of a cover-up, I don't think one should make the accusation. I'm not saying there's never been a police cover-up (duh), but there have been plenty of times when cops bust other cops for killing people. It's worth noting that the accident was investigated by the MSP, and the driver is with BPD. There's no love lost between those agencies, and no reason to think a Trooper would cut a break to a Boston cop who committed homicide.

Uncle of girl killed in accident

That last sentence is just wrong. I think you need to remove this little bit of stuff about it that you put on here. There's alot of grieving people who would be outraged to see that last few lines especially the husband himself.


I don't see why that last sentence should provoke outrage. In my experience, that's the way it is. If you disagree, I think you should provide some supporting facts. For example, if the family sues, there may be something that comes out in the pleadings. If I'm proven wrong, I'll retract it. Otherwise, kindly refrain from telling me what to write on my own blog.

friend of girl

From what I've been told she was on a part of 93 that has no right hand break down lane.

If my reflexes are such that I can avoid debris in the road, if I can avoid a stalled car in the center lane on the unlit portion of the highway at 4am on the way to NYC, I should hope a cop can avoid a car in the right hand lane on a lit part of 93.

I'm not trying to point fingers, or saying he had to be drunk, but I was told her car flipped over twice. Seems like he was going a little fast when he hit her.


"fast when he hit her"

That could well be true. Or tired. Or both. But I doubt he was drunk. For a Trooper to cover-up for a drunk driver in a homicide crash would be to endanger his career. I'm not saying cops never give other drunk cops a break; of course they do. But they don't give breaks when the drunk cop just killed someone.

Uncle of girl killed in the accident

Think about it. What if the husband stumbled upon this page and saw that last few sentences? Don't you think he'll already feel like crap already about it? He doesn't need someone to make him feel equally worse in the aftermath of this. Trust that I spoke to a few people there and they weren't happy about those words at all.


I doubt the grieving husband is searching the web for opinions about his wife's death. I am in no way accusing him of anything wrong. He is innocent, and a victim.

I was -and am- writing about my imagination of the the emotional experience. How much greater a tragedy if he imagines for himself a responsibility that does not exist.


CP, I wasn't pleased by that last sentence, either -- but upon reflection, I realize it's because it made me think "My God, what if that was me?" -- and that's not a pleasant thought. You made my heart go out doubly to her poor husband, and strengthened my resolve to *never* become that other driver.


That's what I was aiming for; thanks.

Friend of Husband

It was a tragic accident. It happened all to quickly. Breakdown, put on hazards, put up phone, call home or AAA, then its all over. To try to imagine what the husband was thinking is something he can only tell you. What would you think, how would you feel.

If you know the area that the accident happened, you would also know that alot of people would move into that lane around that spot to get off the highway. The officer who hit her lives in that area. Its tragic.


Friend of Husband,

I agree with everything you wrote.



only god knows why such horrible things like this happen...

Has anyone stopped to think that if she wasn't driving under the influence, she never would have been there? The papers said that she was also leaving a bar & was well above the legal limit. It was in no way her fault, but people should look at that too. She was also breaking the law.

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