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I had a rude welcome back to the Back Bay when I returnd from 4 crime-victim-free years in LA only to have my government-issued, unmarked police vehicle (!) AND my personal vehicle broken into on the SAME NIGHT in July, on the first block of Marlborough. I noticed broken glass in at least 4 other spots on the same block. They got my golf clubs from the POV, but luckily, I had only been back a couple of weeks, so I didn't have any of my issued gear in the G-ride yet. I was a bit amazed to have to go all the way to what I consider Roxbury to report the crime. I suspect the crooks are well aware that cops covering the deep South End have little time to patrol the Back Bay.

nick evans

thursday night/friday morning my 2006 Hyundai Tucson was parked in Eign Mill Road when some low life shit on the bonnet spreading it with their hands scratching every panel and putting a yellow traffic on the bonnet and a door mat. The police have taken finger prints and D.N.A .THERE IS A SUBSTANCIAL REWARD FOR THE SCUM WHO DONE IT

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