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I have to say that if I were to cast a vote for a governor tomorrow, I would vote for DEVAL PATRICK.

Healey is the last person that I would vote for rightnow, for two reasons:
1. she has something against state employees and retired state employees, something about the penion. I am still looking for info on it.
2. I have no faith in the Romney Adminastration and that $14.4 billion dollar hole in the ground called "The Big Dig".

Question for anyone, Which would you roll back, Income Taxes or Property Taxes?

I don't own a property and I am currently looking for work, but I would seriously look at the property taxes. Everybody has to live somewhere.

Ron Newman

Grace Ross's party is anti-Zionist and has what I consider an unbalanced view of the Middle East conflict, but that doesn't mean she is a "Jew-hater".


Yes, it does.

Party officials openly support Lebanon's Party of God as well as the Iraqi resistance. Just look at the signs they carry in Copley Square. One cannot support Islamic terrorists and advocate for an end to Israel, but not be a Jew-hater. The Islamists don't just hate Israel; they hate Jews.

I am aware of the common "anti-Zionist is not equal to anti-Semitic" refrain, but I don't buy it. In general, anti-Zionism is just the latest veneer over anti-Semitism. Couple it with voiced support for Islamists, and you've got someone who clearly hates Jews.

Her evil is worse, in my view, because the party has such a nice name. Who could be against Green? Or Rainbow? I think they should call her the candidate of the Nearly-Treasonous, Jew-Hating Party.

Ron Newman

Green-Rainbow's candidate for Secretary of State is Jill Stein, who I assume is Jewish.


Which proves only that she's an idiot.


Jill Stein is indeed Jewish.


Shame on Jill Stein.

Thomas Shawn

That's a pretty telling photo. The Jew-hating-sack-of-shit and Crusty Mihos screaming at the Lt. Gov. while Devil Patrick just sits there.

Thomas Shawn

Which would you roll back, Income Taxes or Property Taxes?

Both. Property taxes are already held in check by Propostion 2 1/2. When the income tax gets rolled back I can think of a long list of state employees who need to seek employment in the real world.


Thanks for calling attention to the Green Rainbow Party. I raised the question on a BlueMass Group thread praising Grace Ross.

I was a little disappointed at the conspicuous lack of shocked "I had no idea!" reactions, which was my reaction when I read your postings on this; I always thought the Green Rainbows were relatively benign people from Amherst and Northampton.

FWIW, one reply to me suggests that the GRP leadership called out by you and by solomonia was dumped at the recent convention, perhaps in response to their positions on Israel. I would expect that this would require a more explicit renunciation.

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