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A lot of people show support for groups they aren't personally a member of.


I know plenty of gay Jews, African-American Jews, and Southern Jews, and various permutations thereof, so that doesn't surprise me too much. But the Confederate flag does carry some other baggage that gays, Jews, and African-Americans tend to back away from...



I get that people show support for all kinds of groups, but that's an odd collection of groups to support, no?


that's my point. what do you think he's trying to say?



It's the "reformed south." Basically saying, "I'm from the south, I'm proud of it, and I ain't no racist or homophobe."

Or maybe the owner is a gay African Jew from Alabama.


Figures. The coolest Southerner ever lives in Massachusetts. If this guy lived in Atlanta, I would have been his friend...

Or maybe he just likes them thar purty flags.

Josh Wardell

I think they collective just mean "I'm confused." :)


I'm with ya, CP--confused by that last part of the combo! Without the Stars and Bars, it's make a lot more sense.


Yeah, along the lines of what Shawn says, I'm thinking the person is trying to show that they can align with Southern pride without promoting the racism etc. aspect that often goes along with groups that use the Confederate flag.

Sort of a "peace for all" sort of approach.

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