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So I didn't know anything about the Pring-Wilson case. So I read your links and some other stuff and it seems to me very unlikely to have gone down as Pring-Wilson described it.

He expects us to believe, in the middle of a fight against 2 assailiants, he was able to reach into his pocket, remove a folding knife, unfold it (which probably requires two hands), and then use it? All of this takes place WHILE he is being beaten?

No way, sorry, I don't buy it, maybe you could do that in a 1 on 1 fight, but not 2-1 where they hit you first.

That knife was in his hand, and unfolded, before the assailants closed the gap between them. I don't see another way the knife could come into play.


If it interests you, there's a lot online. I disagree with your analysis, but I certainly won't try to dissuade you.

Regardless of whether you buy what P-W said, the D.A. charged him with murder. Not manslaughter, but murder. She did it for politics. She lost my support with that case.


Here's what really stuck out. The dead guy ended up with 3 stab wounds to the chest (on hit his heart) while the P-W was allegedly laying on the ground being beaten and kicked. Now if the fatal wound had been bleeding out via a nicked femoral artery in the leg, that would be one thing. But how do you even reach a guys chest with enough force to penetrate the chest wall and reach the heart while you're on the ground?

As for the middlesex DA's office, I've really never been a big fan of theirs (for a variety of reasons). But is it not SOP to overcharge, and then settle for lesser incuded charges?

Voluntary manslaughter seems to fit the physical evidence. I think all of the witnesses are lying.



Charging murder is reserved for, you know, murders.

Bear in mind that the dead guy bled out while he and his posse fled the scene to avoid the police. They tried to find a hospital, got lost, drove around for a good long time, and he died.



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