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They look just like the Antiwar group that marches in a circle in Monument square, Concord every morning during drive time. ( Then they pack up and go home, or possibly to job.) As long as they stay off the street and don't mess with the flow of traffic, everybody pretty much ignores them, even in a Lefty town like Concord.


OMG, Mike McLaughlin! He's such a nice guy - with a great sense of humor, which I think is a job requirement in a place like Sherborn. He once pulled me aside in Natick District Court and asked me if I wanted to see this mongoose they'd confiscated from some homeowner. He said it was in this box he had and he'd lift the lid off, but I'd have to be careful because they're such nasty creatures. So he slowly pulled the lid off and all of a sudden THIS BROWN FUZZY THING CAME SHOOTING UP OUT OF THE BOX AT MY HEAD! Gah!!!! Turned out to be a puppet with his hand inside ...


Are you kidding me!!! He may be a kidder, but does he know the meaning of being truthful? NOPE

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