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Last Sunday when we had that 40 degree heatwave I saw a gentleman in Newton hopping into his Boxster, windows up, top down. I'm guessing the turban on his head kept the part of his 6'4" frame that popped over the windshield frame warm.


I usually see two or three Porsche's on my walk to work, and they were all out during the snow we had earlier this week. Not that the snow was all that bad, and they look to all be garaged cars.


Turbo's are All Wheel drive. and 911's have the engine over the drive wheels and both make for great winter driving cars. But ONLY when the normal summer tires have been replaced with some good winter treads. (next time you see one, take a close look at the tires. M&S tires have very distinctive patterns.) And now that Porsches finally have heaters that actually produce heat, short drives with the top down and the windows up are a lot of fun.

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