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Erik Schwartz

"All-in-all, though, if you want a sports car, get a sports car. If you want a truck, get a truck. "

Hear, hear.

I've always thought the "luxury truck" was an oxymoronic concept.


Of course, you should also buy a Cayenne if you like to vomit every time you look at your car... If you want a sporty SUV buy a Rover Sport or an X5. It's too bad they no longer make the Allroad...

EL Rider

Unless the looks are outrageously bad a truck's looks are mostly subjective, although I do find that the Rovers are better looking than the others. My experience with Chicago's Rover dealerships vs Chicago's Porsche dealerships combined with the problems that I have run into with my '03 Discovery (used to tow a race car) make me think that I would purchase the Porsche before the others all else remaining equal, and thay are not. The purchase price of the Porsche (good luck finding one not optioned out) is very high. The Cayenne is expensive (spending that amount on a British vehicle strikes me as masochistic) but the Cayenne Turbo is Outrageous. If you are shopping for a Cayenne do not, I repeat, do not test drive or even get in the Cayenne Turbo unless you are prepared to spend well over $100,000. Having test driven both trucks back to back I must say that the Turbo is a fantastic vehicle (see air suspension combined with the turbo power) and the danger lies in contracting "Turbo-envy".

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