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dave buutles

you should be a writer for a gardening column or something. You are brain dead when it comes to motorsports


CP I usually find your blog entertaining, and even if I disagree I respect your writing, but I'm just confused as to the point that you're trying to make. Racing is dangerous, so is football, so is boxing, so is sailing. Most sports or hobbies have some risk to them. But professional racers like this one get paid a lot of money and are very qualified. Their risk is less than most Law Enforcement Officers, who get paid a lot less.

I don't agree with the commentor above, I don't think you're clueless or brain dead. I like your articles. I just don't get the post. But then again, I'm a fan of drag racing, and in my younger days would race my own cars during the summer. I hate NASCAR, but I don't point out when one of their drivers is hurt or killed.

Funny Cars used to be cool, back in the 70's, big crowd pleasers. I guess they still are.


Two points:

1. We have here the archetypes of comment extremes. MyFordDreams knows how to comment. You add something, you ask something, you express your opinion in a thoughtful way. Dave, on the hand, doesn't get the medium. Or maybe he's just a jerk.

2. Sorry not to be clear with this post. I just meant that drag racing seems exceptionally dangerous and not that interesting. If I had the skill to be a racer of some kind (ha!), I sure wouldn't pick that. The danger:fun ratio is too high. But I know I'm not speaking for everyone, hence my point about how much fun the late Eric Medlen seemed to be having.

Sealant - Nulte

Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well. Thanks

Crystal Clear Headlights

The topic is interesting, yes. Some people are searching for the truth and they are blind to see that's right in front of 'em.

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