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They forgot -- Tape a handwritten sign to your window that says " NO GPS"

Adam Gaffin

Is this much of a problem outside of West Roxbury (where people apparently don't lock their house doors, either)?


adam is strangely fixated with west roxbury.


This lovely tip shit sez:

>An audible alarm alerts attention to the car.

No it doesn't. Well, it alerts attention that you're a jackass who wasted your money at AutoZone. Thanks to people with do-it-yourself alarms and/or shitty factory alarms, if my alarm ever did go off (which happens only upon entering or moving the car without using the key, just as G-d intended it), no one would care because they'd assume it was some asshole's motion sensor.

(Also, good Pesach to you and Mrs. Pundit and the Punditlets!)

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