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I would love to see that happen. You are exactly right - Storrow and Memorial would be an amazing course. Memorial shuts down on Sundays in the summer anyway, why not close Storrow for one day.


Make it a night race and there are some cabbies that hold existing lap records. Plus Tom Smothers could be Grand Marshal since he's already driven the course in his Ex Ken Duclose Brabham formuala B in Nov of 1970. Another possible venue is laps of the fenway. A one day shut down is not enough. When you include practice and support races, you need three days maybe 4. Plus another weekend as testing and "proof of concept. It's not all pie inthe sky. Pittsburgh has long held a vintage race in the middle of town.


My car with about 2" of clearance can barely handle the potholes, etc of Storrow, I can only imagine what a proper race car would think of the roads around here. Though I do enjoy driving Storrow like I was in a race, especially the twisty sections.

Though after the whole ATHF debacle I don't think Boston or the BPD would be able to handle such an event, they would probably ticket them for driving too fast through an intersection or give out parking tickets to the pit crews...

I remember going to the Long Beach Grand Prix every year as a kid. It was great fun and watching them race around the actual streets was a blast.


Ted's right about the days. Call it four days of its being completely closed. Fenway is a very good idea, but I'd miss the river. Probably easier to close, though.

Don't forget all the closings we'd need for the re-paving, which addresses one of Steve's concerns. The whole course would need to be paved anew, and lined with Armco or tires and fencing. That work would be time-consuming and expensive and inconvenient.

But it would bring a world-class event to Boston, along with money. Race teams spend money wherever they go. So do race fans.

Let's start a grassroots movement to make this happen. (It worked for Deval Patrick.)


Things sure would get interesting at the underpasses.


CART managed to pull off the Denver Grand Prix for five years (I lived in Boulder for two of them). They faced stiff opposition in the beginning, but they got it done.

The roads out there are horrible in places, I remember that being an issue the first year. Not sure if they repaved after that.

Does paving require complete closure? Does it cost more to get it done at night?

I'm in, let's do it.

The other thing I'd love to see around here would be a WRC event (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Rally_Championship). I live on a steep hill with multiple hairpins that would be an absolute blast for a tarmac stage. That will never, ever happen, unfortunately.

EL Rider

I know that it is a long drive, especially compared to the Canadian GP or ALMS in DC but you should really consider coming out to Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wi. where both the ALMS and CART will be running on the same weekend this August. Elkhart is 60 miles north of Milwaukee in the Kettle Morain region (where the glaciers ended) that is home to many dairy farms. The race track features the only "Brat on a Stick" stand that I have ever seen! The track itself is 4 miles and 14 turns with a little over 100 feet of vertical. During most events they have a "touring" event during lunch that allows you to experience the track at speeds below 80 for about $75. Ever since CART started racing at RA the fences have gotten larger and fans are a bit further from the track but there are still vantage points galore. Good luck with the Boston GP, it sounds more exciting than the marathon.

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