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So what does this teach young cops about what is appropriate behavior?

If it's OK to swirlie your friend, how big a leap is it to smack around a citizen that's giving you lip?

If I google "police beating" I get more than 2 million results.

Before you know it you end up here:



Recruits in any police academy should take a ton of abuse, including a good beating or two and fairly steady harassment from their instructors. That harassment should be demeaning and should test the limits of the recruits' self-discipline. That harassment should not involve swirlies. That's just gross.

There are so many Google results for "police beating" because there are so many people on the web who are not properly socialized and therefore have problems associated with authority figures. Also, because cops occasionally beat people.


It seems many departments don't really need training.


Speaking of which how trained are outer cape summer cops before they're armed and turned loose on the citizens of Eastham, Wellfleet and Truro?


Much, much better than they used to be.


But not as talented.

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