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As anyone who has spent any time attempting to make sense of the Municipal, State, or Federal Budgeting, Accounting, and Financing swamp will confirm, it should be no surprise that a new administration suddenly "Discovers" that there are huge deficits on the books that an be laid at feet of the outgoing administration. Just as predicable, an outgoing administration will declare that everything thing is OK and in balance when they left. The interesting thing is that both will have the supportable numbers that prove what they say is correct. And both will actually be the truth thanks to the smoke and mirrors accounting systems used. The byzantine accounting practices setup by most Government agencies put Enron to shame. Mostly it all boils down to just what gets counted as being part of whose budget, and how that changes from year to year and budget to budget. Don't even attempt to compare this year to last year on an account by account basis. Everything was moved around and changed. It's Whack-a-mole for accountants. Remember these are the same people who manage to get away with calling the worlds largest Ponzi scheme the "Social Security TRUST FUND".

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