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Carpie, question for you.

Not that the police traffic details aren't ridiculous enough, but more often than not, I observe these officers talking on their cell phones while they're supposed to be directing traffic.

It would seem elementary to me that police officers would be prohibited from talking on the phone while on duty. Is there some bogus collective bargaining issue that covers this? Has the state union succeeded in establishing a precedent that this is one of the "working conditions" they are entitled to bargain over?

What gives?


Cell phones have become a standard means of conducting official police business. Cops talk to the station, and each other on cells. No way they could ban them. They might try to ban personal-use, but that would be difficult to enforce and would engender much resentment.

The detail cops are chatting because are so f-ing boring it can't be described. Which, by the way, is proof of their uselessness. There's usually nothing for a cop to do but chat anyway.



Okay, so I know they're using the phones for work -- but my question is, while they're directing traffic?????

Seriously, I have come upon a detail cop, here in rural Cohasset, standing in the middle of a curved road, with his back turned to me -- he's holding a cell phone to his ear, and he is gesticulating animatedly with his other arm. I think he must have been Italian, the way he was waving (nyuk nyuk).

Ain't it just common sense that if you can't drive and talk on a phone, you sure can't direct people who are doing the same thing?


Yeah, that's just stupid; I agree.

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