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This is not what I expected...You just left that meatball of a Kennedy driving joke hanging out there - nary a "you spell it c - h - a - p..."

An really - Kennedy or Trav, couldn't they just have asked Deval for a ride in the chopper?


Um the Senate President does not drive a ford.


Well, it sure looked like a Ford 500 or something. Like I said, it was a crappy day. Black Buick something-or-other maybe?


Mercury Montego?
If you know, tell us.
All I'm *SURE* of is the plate Senate 1.


OH well He definitely does not have the Senate 1 plate..thats all I know..Im not sure who does.


I believe the Senate President drives a beige Cadillac Escalade - and there is no senate plate on it.

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