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I don't think NASCAR is the only automotive sport that has burnouts. Actually, just about every one do burnouts. I'm not so sure why you would pick on NASCAR instead of drifting, which the entire event is a giant burnout.


1. I've never watched drifting.
2. Almost no one else has, either, so the symbolic effect would be nil.
3. OK, let's add drifting. And drag racing, which has to be one of stupidest sports known to man. Just slightly above power boat racing.

Erik Schwartz

Powerboat racing in the ocean waves is serious shit.


I kinda like the smell of tire smoke. And I think the practice of a celabratory donut or 6 is a good addition to the show. It's certinly less poluting than the thousands of BarBQ grills burning in the infield at most races ( Nascar or Not). And besides, anything to stick it to the Algoreians is fine by me.


Last Year I attended the Factory 5 open house where they happily demonstrated tires that produce red and blue tire smoke for burnouts (not just the standard white stuff )

Photo here http://www.factoryfive.com/table/whatsnew/whatsnew.html

Oh and don't forget Unlimited Airplane racing - The worlds most efficient method of converting money into noise.



I totally understand the "stick it to Al Gore" impulse. Sadly, though, the environmentalists are right. We are killing the planet.

BBQ grills are worse in the aggregate. But the symbolism of environmental depredation inherent to the burnout is something that never fails to disturb me.



CP!! Oh no, I'm having my doubts about you now. I mean you're a Car Pundit, but you don't like racing? I'm no fan of NASCAR, but I love racing in general and used to really love Drag Racing NHRA. Do you like any racing? Come on at least GP or Formula 1??

I don't expect you to embrace drag racing. It is sort of the poor cousin of the racing world, but it
's actually a lot of fun. You should try it one time before you dismiss it totally. Most tracks have open time trials and there's a class for any vehicle. I've seen Mercedes, Porsches, Subarus, and even Yugos drag race. It's a skill and a lot of fun.



Who said I don't like racing? I love watching a race series with real driving: Formula One, ALMS, and a bunch of local SCCA stuff, for example. I even watch NASCAR on occasion on TV, even though its all a bunch of low-tech, low-IQ bullshit.

I go to at least one buy-a-weekend-pass-for-a-fortune-and-still-pay-8-dollars-for-a-beer race each year.

Drag racing? Nope. Boats? Spare me. Also keep me away from motorcycles, snowmobiles, and lawn tractors. Just cars please. And they have to turn both ways. And not be fake, like the "Car of Tomorrow" with the dumb-ass Chevy/Ford/Dodge/Toyota grille sticker.


What they should really do is invent racing tires that come in scented varieties:


iced man

Its the result of over heating where the car puffs a lot of smoke due to lack of Neuspeed Cold Air Intake where in the race track has lots of brands not withstanding the heat surrounding the car.

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Yeah, I agree. Exactly what you mean is that you are just concern to our planet Earth.
That's a great idea, even though we were enjoying this racing, how could we enjoy this for a long time if we won't even concern a little bit to our planet. It's really a polluted air you are having fun with and that's the racing. The smoke it's explode really destroying our environment. We can take an actions right now. We want to live , right ? Even though our life is just limited. But we must be careful though. I like your post. Very informative and environmental loving blog. Keep posting !


I agree, your post is only exposing the reality that concerns with the environment. And Environment is a our Life and give importance the things around us. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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CP is just concerned for the environment. I love racing too, but the demands of the environment of today are important as well. I fell you, CP.

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I guess it's about time they review their rules. NASCAR should formulate rules about this.

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