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Good summary.


My wife had to keep me from throwing something at the TV last night when this thing was on the news. I'm no fan of Imus, but Christ, watching a pompous, arrogant piece of work like Sharpton daring to call anybody a racist was a bit much. It's not just Hymietown. Ol' Rev. Al did his part to bring New York pretty close to a race war over the Tawana Brawley case, for which he never apologized, even after it became clear Brawley made everything up.


Both of them are idiots, actually Sharpton is as expected so not much to add, other than I am surprised he is not in jail over the brawley case. Imus on the other hand is held to a different standard, much higher standard, and that why I am so upset. Turns out he is just a closeted racist, yuck. I don't know whats the deal with these geezers, may be it really is a generational thing that they never can overcome.


Imus got canned. Serves him right, bigoted jackass.


Well, technically he's not canned until he's off the radio. The MSNBC thing was a side gig started on a lark ten years ago or so.

I think he will be canned, though.

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