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Providing that this story is 100% true and it happen, then there is two ways to look at it..
1. Since the car was in the dealerships posession while the technician was driving it and had an accident, then the dealership should pay to fix it back to the way it was when it came into the shop.
2. Since the technician made the driver mistake (to say the least), then the technician's insurance company should have to pay for the repairs.

Either way, this is not the car owners fault and now the car owner should sue that dealership for $10,000 plus all court, lawyer and etc fees.

This is not customer service at all, best thing for the dealership to do rightnow is to admit they did it, pay for the repairs and say they are sorry and hopefully they will not loss anymore business...customers do remember things like this..See Yeah!


Well, the tech was working so his insurance company won't touch this. It's all on the dealership. I hope he can work it out without suing, because his lawyer's fees will dwarf his recovery.

ken gorin

Posted in reply to the situation and rennlist responses:

Dear Rennlist Forum Members,

I am Ken Gorin, president of THE COLLECTION in Coral Gables, Florida. It has never been our practice to discuss our customers publicly. However, since Mr. Gittlemen has opened these discussions, I felt it best to respond.

THE COLLECTION prides itself in providing its customers with the highest level of customer service. Client care is, and always will be, our number one priority. We recognize that the situation with Mr. Gittleman was unfortunate and have swiftly taken the necessary steps to ensure his satisfaction in the resolution of this matter. The same day of the accident, the claim was reported to our insurance company. The car was promptly and professionally appraised by the insurance company’s adjustor and our insurance company has agreed to pay for both the needed repairs and diminished value in this regrettable accident. In addition, we wholeheartedly encourage Mr. Gittleman take his vehicle to the body shop of his choice.

Most importantly, we are thankful that there were no personal injuries as a result of this accident.

It is unfortunate that certain members of this forum have seen fit to make personal attacks against myself and my daughter. These comments are outrageous, hurtful, unwarranted and defamatory. We will not publicly respond further to these attacks. Instead, we will stand behind our outstanding reputation as one of this country’s preeminent luxury automotive dealerships.

Ken Gorin, President



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its only a automobile

if you dont know how to repair it dont buy one,(chicago porsche technition 28yrs0 i laugh at all the clowns that think they know it all about their carreas or 944s, when i repair mine i pay very little
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The Collection is absolute GARBAGE!!!! My family and I have owned a few cars which we purchased at the collection and i must say that the place is an absolute disaster! Not only did they crash my vehicle, but also another belonging to a relative of mine. My father and I both refuse to buy anything from the collection, and i know several people who agree as well.

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The comapny should be broughtin the courtt if it doesnot pay for what mishap they have done. They should know their fault

Raji Thampi

Hi Mr. Gorin,
You are one guy who is trying to swim against the tide. You think US public is not ready to accept Tata? Well then try to run and hide. If you have enough guts, well then move off the JAg dealership since from today it is official. And finally who are you, Sir, to decide to whom Ford should be selling thier things? To best of my knowledge, you are not in the board of Ford.
And oh, yes. Remember IBM? FYI, it is now owned by Lenova, from China. After all USA has only 500 years of history to talk about and culture to think about. So small time guys like you can talk the talk but can never walk the talk.


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Hello what happend to youre car The estimate turned out to be about $10,000, and the dealership is refusing to step up on the diminished value. We'll see what happens. Several of the lawyers on the board are urging G. to get counsel, myself included. Stay tuned.have that in mine
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