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come on, he's driving a volvo, it's the safest car in the world - known for it dontcha no - he doesn't have to pay attention in a volvo!

Erik Schwartz

Nice pictures. Who took them?

Who was driving the car?

...and you're bitching about people talking on the phone and looking at a GPS...


We were stopped at a traffic light, smart-ass.



I am indeed a smart ass.

also from what i can see there is no stoplight in front of you.


Wow, this is a picky crowd.

We were stopped in a long line of traffic waiting for the red light just over the overpass we were sitting on. I was behind the Volvo for a long time. If you've ever come down Route 2 into the Alewife area, you know this spot and you know how the traffic sits.

The next objection is likely to be that the Volvo's brake lights are not on, indicating that he was moving at the time of my photo. He may have been. I certainly was not.



Take a look at this other great Volvo driver genius:



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Santa Barbara Toyota

There is really no good place for the GPS but I guess lower or in the left corner would be better. I can't even get mine to mount so I put it in front of the transmission knob. Taking pics of other cars even when traffic is stopped is not a good idea because you have to take your eyes off the road and turn it on. Even though traffic may be at a standstill it's still a good idea to keep eyes on the road at all times.

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