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Going to the theater is dead. Every time I have gone recently I have been reminded why I don't go. Wicked crowded, people texting during the movie, who brings a crying infant to a 9pm showing of James Bond?! Seriously. Tried to go to the theaters at Boston Common once, the computers were down so nobody could purchase tickets.

Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon Unboxed (delivers content straight to your Tivo) and Apple TV are here. This is the year I will buy a flatscreen. Viacom is going to make a deal with Youtube (Google) because it sees the future...and it doesn't include Viacom unless they deal with the new generation of media companies.


And they wonder why movie attendance is down.

The last movie I saw at a theater was the Return of the King. I enjoyed the movie, but 25 minutes of previews and advertising that commenced at the advertised start time of the movie make for a very, very long time in the theater.

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