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Hi I really like that picture of the first corner. Would you mind if I used it on my website?

I would be able to give you a link from my site.


Please feel free to use the photo on your site, with attribution.

Cadillac Irvine

Looks like the Grand Prix was a blast

Blake Reina

I have to agree with the comment before me. It did look like it was a blast. What was the total time of Hamilton for the Montreal Grand Prix? He must have been pretty good in going through those tight turns in the track that the others can't match his speed. A veteran of the Montreal track, I assume? Haha.

Penny Geist

Your prediction was right. Lewis Hamilton was the better driver in 2007. As for Kubica, he eventually won at the Montreal podium in '08. But he was seriously injured in a crash last February and is now under rehabilitation. Car racing fans don't know if he can return for next year's season.

Tyra Shortino

I've always loved watching Formula 1 races. Fernando Alonso is my favorite, but I also root for Lewis Hamilton. Sadly, I recently found it difficult to catch the races on TV.

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