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I actually take a somewhat different view.

I don't think the state should sanction any marriages. Marriage should be the realm of churches/synagogues/mosques/sweat huts/temples/et al. If you can find a religious leader to marry you, great, go to town. If your religious leader refuses to marry you, too bad.

That said... If want want to enter an exclusive legal contract with another person (who is legally able to sign contracts (so you red herring pedophile, bestiality idiots can go away) in regards to property rights, tax status, visitation and so on, you talk to the government. The 14th amendment applies.


I think you're hung up on the word as much as the bigots are. "Marriage" is merely the word used for the binding contract two people enter. Think of a totally non-religious marriage, such as the one my parents entered into at City Hall, officiated by a clerk. Of course, "marriage" means something additional to the religious.

Also, you're playing to the hands of the morons who think the state law requires religious officials to sanction marriages they oppose.

The right to the full benefits and burdens of the law should be open to all. That's all I mean when I say it's a civil right.

If you wanted to get the state reps. to re-label marriage as a "life partner contract," I'd be with you. We could then use marriage solely for the religious aspect of the deal.



My point is that marriage should be entirely non governmental. If I want to get married by a horseshoe crab in the Pamet, fine. If I want to get married with no one else involved, with no witness, also fine. If I don't want want to call it "marriage", fine. It's a first amendment issue.

The government should only recognize the exclusive contract between two people. A 14th amendment issue. That should not be called "marriage" because it loads the issue (which is just the way people who hate gays want it).


Well, OK, except the government -because it is asked to enforce the contract between those two people- has an interest in ensuring the contract is valid. So the horseshoe crab is a bad idea unless you can get two witnesses and satisfy the blood test.

I agree that any two people should be allowed to contract for marriage (or whatever other word you want to use).


I think you guys are being a little too clinical. Marriage is more than a contract and more than a union sanctioned by some god-forsaken church. It is a romantic ideal, a commitment greater than ordinarily made by two people. To reduce it to a legal contract or to rest on the approval of some priest or rabbi whose backward view of life wouldn't be respected anywhere outside a church is to take it way too lightly. If two members of the same sex want to undertake such a pact, so be it. That doesn't denigrate the ideal nearly so much as letting legal and religious fanatics debate something they don't actually get.


When did God forsake the Church?
Is he still hanging around the Temple?

More seriously, how can we remove law and religion from this discussion? How is it possible to "get" marriage outside those contexts? Is it no more than committed love?



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