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Tell your friend that it all depends on the car cover used. Since it was in a covered Garage you need to use a breathable "indoor" Cover and not one designed for outdoor use. Also you can put a can of the desicant material they sell for closets in the car. You didn't mention it but you should always store a car with a full tank of gas to prevent condensation and water from getting into the system. ( plus a can of Dry gas.) The other possible problem source is Mice that will eat the wireing, ( some Moth balls under ( not in)the car will Keep them away ) but anyway, it looks like a clean garage. There should be a Battery hold down strap or bolt instead of that Tennis ball.

There's still time and space available to sign up for the one day Sept 6th DE event at NHIS. Were're off to the Mt.Tremblant DE next week.

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Benz E-class is definitely more of a family car with Carrera is the top dog sports car.

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