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The guy can afford the car but not the garage. Very ideal :D

skid steer attachments

maybe he's showing the car off. people won't see his beautiful car if it's parked in a garage. lol

Huntington Beach Ford

He probably spent all his money on the Ferrari and that's why he can't afford a garage. Here in Orange County there's lots of people driving BMW and Benz but still living at home with mommy and daddy. Or driving a luxury car but living in a crappy apartment and eating Cup O Noodles; it all depends on what your priorities are.

Used Cars Minneapolis

Maybe he is just out for a cup of coffee at a restaurant. Doesn't mean he doesn't have a garage.

Cassie Brendan

Nice use of an iPhone there. Haha! If anyone would have a car as awesome as that, I bet he or she will still park it outside the garage. Well, are you going to let such a beaut be hidden inside a garage? lol

Ford glendale

maybe he is visiting someone or eating at a restaurant. Doesnt mean he lives there.

Parsel Motorforza

Ferrari cars look so great specially in a place like that. Very nice color of the car.

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