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They'd be tough meat...too much free ranging.

John Daley

Nice to see you posting. It looks like the iphone is a great tool for posting photos. I've been doing some of the same...



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Alisha Wright

Fresh pictures of what seems to be the next generation of BMW 1 series have been taken in Germany. If indeed this is the new BMW and rumored BMW 2011/ 2012 model, then it follows the trend of almost every new release as it appears to be bigger than the previous models. This is not the soon to be released X1 crossover, since a glance at this car picture while reveal a different ride height and roofline. We will keep you posted as to the rumored BMW 2011/ 2012 model.

DMV Hours

I should buy an iPhone now :)

Used Cars Palm Springs

Wow, bmw being attacked by turkeys. Turkey's are scary; I don't mind eating one for Thanksgiving but I don't want a herd of them in front of my car; they might end up attacking me!

Hyundai Dealer Irvine

that's a ton of turkeys. I wonder where that's at!

Ford Dealer Oakville

Looks like a nice BMW too... Where is the owner?

Ford Huntington Beach

Just grab a free turkey and its Thanksgiving time!

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