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That's what happens when tuner boys get some money but no class.


The hinge kits for sissor doors like that are ~ $1,500.00 or less. so not even big money.


Thats cheap!!!!!!

Chris Ronk

$20,000 modifications on a $10,000 car. That was my first impression. very funny.

Girl Car

What kind of car is that?

Toyota Parts

It looks like a Chrysler 300, which is ~20k. And the doors don't cost too much to do. But still, it's tacky, especially when you don't have rims.

Cars for sale Philippines

Well, that car is what I want. Can you post more details about it?


DMV Hours

I still like that car. I like the doors too :)

wheel balancing

Yeah,the door wings make it look expensive.

Pickup trucks

The door wings don't go well with the car which has a business appeal. I don't think the car looks cheap just mismatched.

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If only the 350 cities and towns could find the same political will. We can break the back of the police unions here, if people don't chicken out.

Used Mack Trucks

Which car is that. It is a cool car.

Cheap Used Cars

It is a nice car specially swinging doors. Which car is this can u please upload more pics.

Palm Springs Used Cars

At first sight I thought it was an older model Benz but apparently other people think it's a Chrysler 300... the only cars swinging doors like that fit on is the SLR Mclaren.

Buy Honda Parts

Wow! Amazing, But could you please tell me more about This car???:)

used car loan

That's too much modification for a simple car.

search car

Will for me I love it.... others might think its too much but if the person is comfortable of having and using it then it settles.

Infiniti Crystal

Just because you put suicide doors on the car doesn't make it look good... Some cars don't look right with those doors

Cadilla Dealeship Orange County

Those doors just don't look right on that car. It's like putting rims on a hooptie.

GMC St Louis

Not the prettiest car but it does make a statement and gets noticed now thanks to those doors.

Lincoln Dealer Edwardsville

Hey, at least the car gets attention; someone took a pic of it so apparently it makes a statement

Inglewood Nissan

I admit that the doors look funny but I don't think it costs quite $20k for those doors, does it?

Huntington Beach Toyota

It's not as bad as people who put $1,000 rims on an old Toyota Corolla from the 1980's. I've seen that too...

Volvo Dealer Los Angeles

It's amazing what people will do to their cars.

Ford Sepulveda

All heads must turn when the driver of that car opens the doors...

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