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Honda Dealer North Hills

Better to leave a car like that alone then add all sorts of mods on it. Especially if the car isn't worth that much to begin with.

Los Angeles Subuaru

At least the car has some personality and character...

Las Vegas Ford Dealer

Different? Yes. Good taste? Probably not.

Auto Repair Estimates Marin

Money can buy a lot but it cannot buy good taste.


hey lets admit that the car still looks great,
i like the doors

Oriel Motorforza

The door don't compliment with the car it self. It looks awful. How I wish that someone close to the owner of that car will tell him the truth that his car looks so awful.

Lincoln Santa Monica

At least the idea is pretty original... I give him points for trying

Studded Winter Tires

I think it's a great modification, but you know, it's still not for me.

Jolandi Kerstetter

Well, I can't call it a hybrid...let's just call it a mutant! That car sure is different. Money well spent? Nope.

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